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This is Zzoner: Your Survival Tool.

Welcome to the year 2075! I am Zzoner. I am developing this mobile app with the objective of helping you to survive in this world of chaos.

There is no Way Back.

Choose your course, generating new paths, growing and changing in this world of chaos in which you are involved.

How to survive?

First of all, when I finish the development of the app Zzoner, download it from the PlayStore or the AppStore. With this tool you will be able to visualize the resources in your area and obtain them using the GPS installed in your device. You will also allow you to manage your progress and to take the decisions that will forge your Story.

As you may know, the Sun is fading out and the resulting electromagnetic waves that it produces are affecting the electric circuits here on Earth, generating energy nodes. These nodes contain the last world resources, which are limited. Your objective: capture as many of them in order to build a spaceship that allows you to escape from the Solar System.

Compete against the World.

You are not going to be alone. All of you are going to compete for the same limited resources. Only the most persistent ones will make it.

There is also a surprise for you. With Zzoner you also can chat, group and compare with other users through a ranking system.

Only in clans you will survive or you’re a lone wolf who dares to survive alone.